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Welcome to our toolbox. Below, we have listed insightful information, useful materials to download, and inspiration for further reading.

Anti-Discriminatory and Diversity-Conscious Language

Cubes with letters on them.

Language is our most important tool of communication. It is more than just a neutral means of communication, it conveys world views and carries the implicit presuppositions of the interacting individuals. It transports norms, ideas, and values and, thus, shapes our conscious mind. The way reality is represented, greatly influences how we perceive this reality and what we believe we can or cannot accomplish in it.  



Bikes with multicolored saddle covers.

Images also influence how we perceive reality. They can either reproduce stereotypes or open up new angles of which we view things and question prevailing ideas.   Recommendations to help you bring more diversity into your imagery and ensure a diversity-sensitive selection of images is available here.

Diversity-Conscious Didactics

Multicolored highlighters lie on multicolored paper.

Diversity-conscious didactics aims to enable all students to successfully participate in the learning process. This requires a professional attitude on behalf of the teaching staff and a willingness to part with a deficit-oriented view in favor of an appreciative and interested attitude, which takes the individual and diverse circumstances of students into account.