Open Science

In our research we strive to transparently document our methods and data according to Open Science principles. We preregister our studies, meaning that we share our methods and planned analyses before beginning a study, so that others can transparently follow our research process. We furthermore conduct replication studies to ensure that the research community has a solid data basis to build up on.

If you would like to inform yourself about Open Science, we are happy to offer workshops and talks on the topic. You can also find information on specific topics here:


Writing up the methods and analysis plan before conducting a study

Registered Reports:

Writing a paper (usually including introduction, methods and planned analyses) and having it peer reviewed before conducting the study. The paper is then „in principle“ accepted for publication in a journal independent of the results

Open Access:

Making publications freely available for everyone to read

Open Data & Open Materials:

If data, code and materials are shared openly, other researchers can re-use them and run new analyses. For example, data can be uploaded to the Open Science Framework (OSF)