Prof. Kelm is module representative of the following modules for Bachelor students:


  •  Methods in Molecular Biosciences (PM1.7)

           3 ECTS -  Lecture No.  02-02-PM1-7
           Dates: each week on Friday from 8 - 10 am room B3118  (2 SWS)
           Lecturer:  Prof. Dr. Sørge Kelm
                           Prof. Dr. Uwe Nehls
                           Prof. Dr. Barbara Reinhold-Hurek   
                           Prof. Dr. Jörg Bormann
                           Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt
                           Prof. Dr. Andreas Dotzauer
                           Kathrin Mädler more »

Prof. Kelm is the coordinator of the master program "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"


In cooperation with ACENTDFB (The African Centre for Excellence on the Neglected Tropical Disease and Forensic Biotechnology) Prof. Kelm and his technical assistant Mrs. Berger are developing national and regional human scientific capacity for technologists through:


  1. Routine training on Biotechnology-based tools for; 
    • The use of these techniques for better and more effective laboratory diagnosis leading to more holistic understanding of disease epidemiology, which is critical for control.
    • Forensic investigations and analysis


  2. Mentoring and supervision of Postgraduate Students leading to the award of MSc Biotechnology and PhD Biotechnology degrees improved availability of the pool of national and regional researchers with expertise in Biotechnology would galvanize the development of novel and cost effective strategies for the prevention and Treatment of these diseases. This has huge potentials of improving the health of and decreasing poverty levels of individuals in affected areas.