Agglomeration applying high intensity mixing (mechano-fusion)

An integrated approach towards the synthesis of tailored heteroaggregates combining experiments with 2D and 3D structural characterization via image analysis and stochastic modeling

Project Leader :

Prof. Dr.- Ing . Urs Peuker
Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg

Prof. Dr. Volker Schmidt
University of Ulm

The special properties of hetero-aggregates derive from the particle-particle contacts within the aggregate. The number of contacts as well as microscopic material interaction at the contacts play a decisive role regarding macroscopic application properties. Examples are transport properties like electric, ionic or thermal conductivity. The first funding period investigates the mixing and therefore the geometric 3D structure of the aggregates.

The project applies the mechano-fusion process, which is situated between grinding and high intensity mixing processes, to generate hetero-aggregates from primary nano-particle systems. The aggregate synthesis occurs due to a dynamic de-agglomeration and re-agglomeration process, where the high shear and yield stresses in the machine lead to stable particle-particle contacts in the aggregate. The process is able to generate both core particles with a hetero - aggregate coating and bulk hetero - aggregates . The investigations willquantify the disperse and material properties of the primary particles , which are required for a defined aggregate design .