Occupational Physician

Occupational Healthcare

Occupational healthcare at the University of Bremen is provided by "Fachdienst für Arbeitsschutz" of "Performa Nord", a state-owned business unit to provide human resource services.

The occupational physicians are Britta Abeldt and Wiebke Dix, head is Dr. Jan Neumann.

Dr. Neumann is a specialist in occupational medicine and general medicine and holds a certificate in emergency medicine, sports and nutritional medicine.
Britta Abeldt and Wiebke Dix are physicians and residents in occupational medicine.

Appointments for occupational health care / preventive examinations are given by the Department 09 of the university. The examinations are carried out at our office at Bahnhofsstr. 35 in 28195 Bremen. The voluntary vision screening is offered at the university

We have more information available on our german-language website, but we are happy to help you via email, telephone or face-to-face in english, too.

Medical Emergencies

The occupational physician is not responsible for the treatment of acute illnesses or emergencies - and therefore not equipped for them.

In case of medical emergency call 9-1111 (or 112 from mobile phones). You will find information on procedures in case of emergency on this webpage: Emergency information.


Tel. +49 (421) 218 - 60140


office hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (by appointment)

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Secretary Referat 09

Mrs. Lucia Steinhaus

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