Incoming Students

International Exchange Students at Faculty 10

Thank you for your interest in studying as an exchange student at the Faculty 10 of the University of Bremen! In our Faculty, various (modern) languages, their literatures and cultures are researched and taught. The department combines philological and linguistic-empirical studies with interdisciplinary (e.g. media studies) approaches and emphasizes internationality as a perspective.

The following courses are offered at the undergraduate level (BA): German Studies, English-Speaking Cultures, French-Romance Studies and Hispanic Studies. In addition, there is the course of study Language Sciences (Linguistics), which deals with language(s) in a general and comparative way. The Bachelor's programs can be studied with a view to school or non-school occupational fields.

Students often go on to complete a specialized master's degree (Master of Arts). The department currently has four corresponding study programs: German Studies, Linguistics/Language Sciences, Romance Studies International, English-Speaking Cultures: Language, Text, Media, and Transnational Literary Studies. In addition, it is involved in the interdepartmental Master's in Transcultural Studies.

The Bachelor's programs (except Linguistics) can also be studied in the teaching option. In this case, they lead to a teaching profession at public schools in Germany via a subsequent Master of Education (Department 12).

The courses of the individual study programs can be found on the following pages: (then: semester, study program and - if seminars in English are desired - "in English"). In addition, FB 10 offers courses in General Studies that are interdisciplinary and related to the professional field. They serve to acquire or deepen general qualifications and key competencies (e.g. research, presentation and writing techniques).

Language courses are offered and conducted by the Language Center. For international exchange students, the University of Bremen currently covers the costs of a German course (4 hours/week, 6 ECTS) accompanying their studies. All other courses are subject to a fee.

If you have any questions about exchange studies at FB 10, please contact erasmus-fb10protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de (Dr. Henrike Evers).

We would be happy to welcome you as an exchange student at Faculty 10!