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Welcome to the website of the English-Speaking Cultures Department at the University of Bremen. Here students, prospective students and other interested parties will find important information and current announcements from the department, especially for the Bachelor's programme English-Speaking Cultures / English, the Master's programme English-Speaking Cultures: Language, Text, Media and the subject English in the Master of Education.

English-Speaking Cultures deals with English-speaking cultures and literatures, and with the development of the English language, language varieties and language history, mainly meaning those of Great Britain, Ireland, the (former) Commonwealth countries (Canada, in Africa, New Zealand and Australia) and the United States of America. Our programmes comprise the following components: Literary Studies, Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Practical Language Skills. Students in the teacher training option will additionally attend modules in English language education. In the international Master’s programme English-speaking Cultures: Language, Text, Media all courses are held in English. A variety of teacher training components in our B.A. programme English-Speaking Cultures and the Master of Education / English are taught in German.

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