ILSIENNA - Our Language

ILSIENNA – Our Language is the brand-new peer-reviewed journal of the International Association of Maltese Linguistics. This long awaited newcomer to the market of linguistic periodicals publishes scholarly articles and reviews which are directly related to topics of Maltese Linguistics (including languages other than Maltese which belong to the linguistic landscape of Malta).

ILSIENNA provides the first dedicated forum for specialists of Maltese and linguists whose projects include Maltese and/or the languages of Malta to exchange their ideas without having to take the detour via traditional Oriental Philology or other disciplines. The activities of GĦILM demonstrate that Maltese has very much on offer for linguistics and thus deserves a journal of its own which is reserved exclusively to Maltese and closely related matters.

The editorial and advisory boards host internationally renowned representatives of Maltese Linguistics whose expertise and the regular peer-reviewing procedure guarantee the publication of high quality material.

Linguists of all convictions are kindly invited to submit their manuscripts on Maltese to ILSIENNA. The journal accepts contributions to all fields of interest reaching from synchronic descriptive grammar (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon, etc.) via diachrony, sociolinguistics (including dialectology), language contact to psycholinguistics, clinical linguistics, language planning, translation studies and many more subject matters.

The journal comes in one issue of 120–160 pages per year. Each issue contains four to eight scholarly articles and an additional reviews section. The sole language of publication is English. Articles are accompanied by an abstract in English and a Maltese translation thereof. The first issue of ILSIENNA is scheduled for first quarter 2009. The annual subscription is € 25 (special price for members; € 30 for non-members). Not included in the subscription, there is also a companion series entitled IL-LINGWA TAGĦNA – Our language which appears in variable intervals.


Editor in chiefThomas Stolz
Editorial assistantConny Stroh
Review editorJoseph Brincat
Editorial boardBernard Comrie, Ray Fabri, Beth Hume, Manwel Mifsud, Martine Vanhove
Advisory boardAlbert Borg, Antoinette Camilleri-Grima, Sandro Caruana, Martin Haspelmath, Mauro Tosco, Adam Ussishkin
PublisherUniversitätsverlag Dr. Norbert Brockmeyer
Postfach 10 04 28
D-44704 Bochum