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The International Bremen Film Conference is a cooperation of the University of Bremen | Department 9 and Community Cinema Bremen | CITY 46 with further cooperation partners. Its substantial trait is the tight interdigitation of film scholar presentations, talkings and discussions with best possible screening of reviewed films in the movie theater.

Holding this unique mélange of research and entertainment, the conference resorts both to professional scientific audiences and to cinephile spectators, thus having gained an international reputation of singularity since its beginnings back in 1995.

Since 1999, the annual award of the Bremer Filmpreis for merits on the European film which is taking place in cooperation with the Sparkasse Bremen foundation "Good for Bremen" was proceeding the conference.

From 2007 till 2013, the also international orientated program for graduate students and doctoral candidates have added to the conference. In 2014, a re-organization of the Conference takes place, in favor for a more expanded, international scholarly interexchange. The new congress time - from now on annually in the beginning of month of May - belongs to this.


Current Film Conference

2023 - Audio-Visual Memory: Latin America and Cinema Organisers

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Archive of all conferences from 1995 till now.

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