Photo Endosymbiont

Photosynthetic keratinocytes: light-powered oxygen for non-healing skin wounds

The current project “Photosynthetic keratinocytes: light-powered oxygen for non-healing skin wounds" started in 2016 aimed at generating photosynthetic human skin cells by transferring photosynthetic cyanobacteria into human keratinocytes. With this novel approach we will generate an biochemically engineered endosymbionic skin cell, which achieve the ability of autonomous, light and time controlled oxygen production. more>

Photo selevator

A novel receptor targeted molecular transport system for cellular uptake and non-genetic cell engineering

The current project “P8-Transporter” focus on the generation of novel receptor ligandconjugates suitable for targeted receptor-mediated signal transduction and cellular uptake of entities of desired activity and function. Along this line, we designed and synthesise of a novel class of PAR2 (protease activated receptor 2) agonist ligand denoted P8, which is able to specifically bind and activate cell surface human PAR2, in a manner similar to the native activation process mediated by serine proteases. more>

Photo GYPSY (GlYcoParaSitologY

Biologic functions of trans-sialidase from Trypanosoma congolense and their role in parasite

Development and survival in host and vector

In this project we focus on the biochemical characterisation of Trypanosoma congolense (Tcon) TS including its mode of carbohydrate recognition, catalytic Sia transfer as well as ligand specificity and binding kinetics employing a variety of biophysical and -chemical methods, in order to obtain further insights into structure function relationships and their biological functions. more>