Conditions of participation and Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

For the location and directions to the individual sports facilities, please click on the respective sports facilities in the registration area.

5 Gyms (Hallen 1-5), the Studiobad (swimming pool), the RSG premises, the UniFit and the locker rooms are located in the Sportturm on level 1. Access via main entrance on Universitätsboulevard or alternatively via the rear entrance on level 0 (next to parking lot underneath the gyms). Access to the outdoor areas directly or via level 1.

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Conditions of participation


Online registration is only possible by entering an OBAN bank account. We collect the course-fee at the beginning of the course. The fees are listed with the respective course announcement (errors excepted) and are valid for the entire duration of the course.

A fee reduction (only with appropriate student ID cards or other certificates) is granted for:

  • Students with valid ID. Attention: The fees for the children's courses depend on the status of the parents.
  • Students from other universities and colleges
  • People with disabilities and socially disadvantaged persons
  • Course students of the Akademie für Weiterbildung are treated as external students.
  • For insured persons of the AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven the course price will be reduced by 20%. The discount does not apply to the courses of our cooperation partners.

A justified cancellation of courses is possible within the first week of the course! Excluded from this are courses outside the normal course period (e. g. surfing). Cancellation of these courses is only possible up to two weeks before the start of the course.


  • Please understand that we carry out controls. A course attendance is not possible without a valid certificate of attendance! The course leaders receive lists and carry out checks. Those who are not on the list are not allowed to participate in the course.
  • For reasons of cost, courses will only be held if the number of participants is not less than twelve as a rule.
  • On public holidays and at special events (take note of the current announcements) the courses of the university sport are cancelled. A pro rata financial reimbursement of cancelled course hours is not possible


Please also note our information on insurance:


personal injuries

  • Insurance claims of participants are to be asserted with the respective health insurance company.
  • There is no accident insurance via the Verein für Hochschulsport.
  • The University and the Verein für Hochschulsport assume no liability.

damage to property

  • The University and the Verein für Hochschulsport are not liable for theft or damage to property.
  • Due to the increased risk of theft in the changing rooms, we would like to point out that no valuables should be left in the changing rooms.

program changes

  • There is no legal entitlement to the execution of the advertised courses. Courses may be combined or cancelled if participation is too low (usually less than twelve participants).
  • The fees paid will only be refunded in the event of a total cancellation of the course.
  • Short-term program changes are possible.
  • Courses that have been cancelled can be made up if the cancellation is the responsibility of the university sports club. This does not apply to losses due to so-called ‚force majeure' ( e. g. the unusability of sports facilities due to short-term and unforeseeable events, short-term illnesses of course instructors that do not allow substitution, etc.).

Important information on the gyms and the equipment used

  • The equipment and materials used in the courses are to be handled with care and stored carefully again.
  • Only the instructors are allowed to borrow equipment.
  • It is forbidden to enter the gyms with street shoes on.
  • In the Rhythmic Gymnastics (RSG) halls, three gyms are available for university sports. It is essential to ensure (we are guests!) that the RSG gyms and the ballet hall may only be entered in sportswear and with no-profile gymnastic shoes or socks. Sports may also be practiced bare-footed in the ballet hall.