Iron Hog

Catalytic conversion of low calorific and non-ignitable gases to electricity

The scope of this project, which is fully funded by the EU, is the development of a micro heavy-duty gas turbine for a decentralized power generation plant for electrical and thermal energy. The entire system includes the machine, peripherals (gearbox, lubricating oil supply, cooling, etc.) and the control electronics. The aim is to develop a very robust and low-maintenance technology for use in remote power plant locations and the use of variable heat sources. The development of the gas turbine is carried out together with the development of a catalytic combustor (very favorable emission values). Gases, low calorific and non-ignitable gases are thermally converted without flames in one of these combustion chambers.

The exhaust gases of the plant are available at a high temperature level for steam generation, absorption cooling or water treatment.

This project supports the application-oriented development work of KAEFER in the field of renewable energy sources.