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  • maize root

    Microscopic image of a stained longitudinal section showing the initial cells of a young maize root.

  • Lilium ovary

    Microscopic image through stained transverse sections of ovaries of lily.

  • Bachelor Biology: practical course in Botany

    Students learn to link plant structure and function.

  • Bachelor Biology: practical course in Botany

    Physiological experiments on plants.

  • microscopy

    Microscopy is mandatory to identify tissue structures of organisms.

  • longitudinal section carrot

    The longitudinal section through a carrot can be used to explain the structure of the roots very well.

Bachelor Biology

single major subject & Teaching Profession at Secondary Schools

modulelectureevent code numerterm
Bio3practical course Botany02-02-Bio3-2summer

Master Marine Microbiology (MarMic)

modulelectureevent code numberterm
M5Eukaryotic Microbiology II02-307-M5-1summer
M7-M8-M9Lab rotations I-III summer
 Master Thesis and defense02-307-12winter

Master Ecology

modulelectureevent code numerterm
404Molecular Ecology: Principles and Tools of Molecular Ecology02-M19-404winter
 Molecular Ecology: Molecular Community Analysis02-M19-404awinter
405Current Topics in Ecology and Mentoring 1: Ecological Seminar02-M19-405awinter
412Research Project02-M19-412 winter
520Master thesis and defence02-M19-510summer
 Molecular Ecology: seminar for undergraduate and graduate students02-DOC-43all year