NumberDate of defenseName of master studentTitle of master thesis
17220th December, 2019Jonas LuchtStudy of the bacterial catalase KatG and rice candidate genes in rice colonization by the endophyte Azoarcus sp. BH72
17116th December, 2019Fabian GudeExosomes in plants - steps towards deciphering a possible exosome mediated cross-talk between female gametophyte and pollen tube
17012th December, 2019Bikram DasguptaSecreted exosomes from pancreatic cells as trigger for auto-immunity and ß-cell failure in type-1 diabetes
16902nd December, 2019Sadiq NasrahDevelopment of a mutant strain of Azoarcus sp. BH72 to facilitate GWAS analysis for plant-endophyte interactions
16805th November, 2019Manfred AnimFunctional characterization of RLS-associated intronic non-coding elements in transcriptional regulation
16728th October, 2019Yasmin RichterSynthesis of carbnoxylate ester conjugates for intracellular cleavage
16623rd October, 2019Vitasta TikuMolecular analysis of AmtE: a hybrid signalling protein in Azoarcus olearius BH72
16516th October, 2019Srishti RangarajanMitochondrial genome editing via CRISPR/Cas9 method in Arabidopsis thaliana
16411th October, 2019Nitya AravindanEvaluating techniques to identify heterogeneity in mitochondria
16309th October, 2019Isabell Louise GrothausCharacterisation of N-Linked glycosylation sites of trans-sialidases from Trypanosoma congolense
16226th September, 2019Paulina Karen Mendoza SanchezAnalysis of LDH-A regulation in pancreatic islets and its effect on GSIS
16110th July, 2019Hanna BeckerTowards chip-based mitochondria analysis: specific immobilization and quality assessment
16027th March, 2019Dennis MarxBiomedical implants: Celluar effects of a novel drug-releasing implant coating