NumberDate of defenseName of master studentTitle of master thesis
17307th January, 2020Jan-Luca ReimersIdentification of cis-elements in the exaA2 promoter region of Azoarcus sp. BH72 important for ethanol-induced gene expression
17430th January, 2020Johanna HeinzIdentification of novel primary immunodeficiencies in patients with herpesvirus-derived brain inflammation
17531st January, 2020Nicholas ReimerDevelopment of an Antimicrobial Hydrogel System suitable for wound dressing applications
17602nd March, 2020Shruti NaikAnalysis of autophagic regulation of Hippo kinase LATS2 in pancreatic ß-cells
17713th July, 2020Kshitija JogInteraction studies of biochemically modified cyanobacteria with human keratinocytes
17823th September, 2020Johannes SchwabeAnalysis of the Ethanol-induced Activator Binding Site of exaA3, an Alcohol Dehydrogenase coding Gene in Azoarcus sp. BH72
17902nd October, 2020Alexander FizExpression and purification of the human RNA lariat debranching enzyme DBR1
18029th October, 2020Jessica ErmelingCreation and analysis of a putative ammonia secreting mutant of the endophyte Azoarcus olearius
18102nd November, 2020Sonja TitzeIn vitro binding of Trypanosoma congolense trans-sialidases to erythrocytes
18225th November, 2020Mohd AreebCharacterisation of AmtE: a putative transceptor protein in Azoarcus olearius strain BH72
18311th December, 2020Jan-Ole NiemeierTowards artificial induction of mitophagy and the modification of mitochondrial movements in Arabidopsis thaliana
18411th December, 2020Jaee GhawaliGenetic tools for tissue and organ specific isolation of mitochondria; modification of g-subunit of ATP synthase in Arabidopsis thaliana
18516th December, 2020Atharva PatharkarThe role of molecular chaperone DNJ-13 in counteracting Ab1-42 toxicity in the novel Alzheimer´s disease model in Caenorhabditis elegans
18623th December, 2020Yikun YangThe Influence of N-linked Glycans on Secondary Structure and Stability of Transsialidase 1b from Trypanosoma congolense