M. Sc. Alexander Dellwisch

PhD Student

Address:Leobener Str. 6 (UFT)
Email:Please click here
Tel.:0421 218-50281




If strain is applied to a material, e.g., a functional polymer or a composite organic/inorganic material, the propagation of strain from the points where strain is applied to the molecular level determines the mechanical response of the material. However, from experiments it is known that this propagation is limited in efficiency and that a lot of mechanical energy is ‘wasted’ during propagation. This project aims at understanding these processes at the molecular level, which will allow an optimization of the mechanical yield of such functional materials.

We thank the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for funding this project via a Kekulé fellowship.



  1. S. Kumar, B. Demir, A. Dellwisch, L. Colombi Ciacchi, T. Neudecker, “Multiscale Mechano- chemical Modeling of Spiropyran-Merocyanine Isomerization in Linear PMMA Polymers”, Macromolecules 2023, 56, 8438-8447.