Lightweight construction and material-driven product development

Research field

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In the area of lightweight construction and material-driven product development, processes and products for the manufacture of lightweight structures are developed in particular. The focus here is on the product development of various end effectors for automated fibre reinforced plastic production.

The following topics are being researched:

  • Design and topology optimization to exploit the specific lightweight potential
  • Identification and characterization of material behaviour to optimize a product
  • Development of complex handling technologies for dimensionally unstable materials
  • Building physical prototypes and use of hardware-in-the-loop technologies


  • HIT-Rotorsysteme - Highly integrated product development of variable rotor systems for future generations of wind turbines. TP: Production processes and process simulation in the manufacture of rotor system components
  • BladeFactory - Manufacturing technologies and process-oriented material evaluation for rotor blade production with high parallelization - sub-project: Automated textile handling, infusion and curing

Selected publications:

  • Development of complex handling technologies:
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    - Ischtschuk, L. ; Ohlendorf, J.-H. ; Großpietsch, T. ; Semar, J. E. ; Brink, M. ; Hogeback, T. ; Bärtl, C.: Multi-functional Hybrid Material to Protect Rotor Blades. In: Lightweight Design worldwide Vol. 12 (2019), No. 4, pp. 18–25. DOI:10.1007/s41777-019-0033-4
    - Franke, J. ; Ohlendorf, J.-H. ; Thoben, K.-D.: Automated production processes in the rotor bladeindustry - Solutions for a continuous direct textile layup. In: Materials Science and Engineering Technology Vol. 50 (2019), No. 11, pp. 1326–1342. DOI:10.1002/mawe.201700197
  • Identification and characterization of material behavior:
    Krishnappa, L. ; Ohlendorf, J.-H. ; Brink, M. ; Thoben, K.-D.: Investigating the factors influencing the shear behaviour of 0 / 90° non-crimp fabrics to form a reference shear test. In: Composite Materials Vol. 55 (2021), No. 20, pp. 2739–2750. DOI:10.1177/0021998321991625