Virtual product development

Field of competence

In the area of process-driven product development, information technology, analytical and empirical approaches are developed in the operational and production environment. The focus is on the use of product life cycle and environmental data for the development of adapted products and processes.

This makes it possible to check and optimize the properties of the models before they are built. Virtual product development is an integral part of the various courses we offer. We also use virtual product development tools and methods in our research projects. For example, 3D CAD-based design, structural design using FEM and flow analyses using CFD.

Expertise in virtual product development:

  • 3D CAD-based design (e.g. with Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Onshape)
  • Structural analysis with FEM (e.g. with ANSYS Mechanical)
  • Flow analysis with CFD (including openFoam)
  • Multiphysics simulation (openFAST, ANSYS Multiphysics)
  • Development of digital twins (IoT sensor technology & development of web interfaces)


  • Mechanical design 1 - Engineering Drawing
  • Mechanical design theory II, including the use of 3D CAD systems
  • Application of a 3D CAD system
  • CAD management and virtual product development

Selected publications:

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  • Richrath, M., Franke, J., Ohlendorf, J.-H., & Thoben, K.-D. (2016). Virtuelle und experimentelle Methoden bei der Produktentwicklung einer Handhabungseinheit zur automatisierten Ablage technischer Textilien. Entwerfen, Entwickeln, Erleben 2016, 503–5012.
  • Krishnappa, L., Ohlendorf, J., Brink, M., & Thoben, K. (2021). A Finite Element Simulation Approach to Characterise the Draping Behaviour of 0 / 90 ° Technical Textiles. Presentation Held at Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC).