OT-ST-WS-05 | How to write a data management plan?

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Prof. Dr. Frank-Oliver Glöckner, Dr. Ivaylo Kostadinov, Jimena Linares, Tanja Weibulat


Research data is constantly increasing in size and complexity. Besides new discovery opportunities, this also brings new challenges in managing the data. Some of the key aspects are the possibility to integrate data across scientific domains and to describe and publish the data in a way that makes it reusable for future generations of scientists. Interest in this is also shared by the funding agencies and the general public. Like any successful venture, good data management starts with a plan, a Data Management Plan, which outlines in detail what data will be produced, how it will be handled, preserved and shared.


The participants will get:

  • A general introduction to Research Data Management (RDM), covering trans-disciplinary concepts

  • A subject-specific focus on RDM for biodiversity and ecological research

  • A detailed introduction to the concept of Data Management Plans (DMPs)

  • An introduction to the GFBio service for DMP support

Hands-on experience in creating a DMP according to the DFG Guidelines on the handling of Research Data in Biodiversity Research


After the course the participants will have gained:

  • A detailed overview of the most important aspects of RDM

  • The ability to create their own DMP

The concepts and skills taught in the course are transferable to other disciplines.

  • Own PC, laptop
  • Internet, web browser (up-to-date)
  • For online format a second screen might be beneficial



29.06.2022, 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00-15:00


Online via VC



Registration deadline: 14.06.2022

Frank-Oliver Gloeckner

Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner

Professor for Earth System Data Science at University Bremen


Ivaylo Kostadinov

Dr. Ivaylo Kostadinov

  • Technical Manager (NFDI4Biodiveristy Research Data Commons)
  • Team lead for Software Development & Deployment (GFBio e.V.)


Jimena Linares

Jimena Linares

Data Steward (GFBio e.V.)

  • Data curation services in the submission service
  • Support in Research Data Management
  • Helpdesk and user support


Tanja Weibulat

Tanja Weibulat

  • Support for scientists and collection curators in research data management