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Writing Center for the STEM Disciplines

Logo der Schreibwerkstatt MINT
Zu sehen sind drei Mitarbeiterinnen der Schreibwerkstatt MINT
Das Foto zeigt in Großaufnahme einen Block, auf welchem jemand mit einem Kugelschreiber schreibt.
Das Foto zeigt eine Bücherstapel, hinter dem lediglich die Ellenbogen einer Person hervorschauen. Der Kopf und Körper verschwinden gänzlich hinter dem Stapel.

For all university and research programmes as well as most subsequent professions, good academic writing skills are a key element.  Even though students of STEM subjects have to write less frequently and far less than other students, academic writing competences are crucial also for them. Not only the thesis at the end of one’s studies but also the professional life calls for such skills. 

Therefore, the main concern of the “Schreibwerkstatt MINT” (writing centre for STEM subjects) is the discipline-specific support of students, researchers, and teaching staff of the departments (main areas of study) 1-5. It answers questions and offers counseling in relation to all matters regarding scientific writing and the development of scientific writing skills in science and technology. To serve the unique demands of STEM subjects, the offer of the Schreibwerkstatt MINT builds on three pillars: Open counselling services/ writing coaches, seminars/workshops and training of teaching staff. 

For further information, please access our sub-pages. If you’re looking for upcoming events or actualities, have a look at our calendar or visit us on Facebook or on Stud.IP.

Contact Schreibwerkstatt MINT

Dr. Anne Kremer

TAB-Building, Am Fallturm 1

Office: Room 1.11, Entrance A

Tel.: +49 421 218-66280