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Counseling services

You have general questions about writing your bachelor or master thesis, your dissertation, your research report, or a test protocol? You can’t get yourself to proceed, you’ve lost your writing flow or motivation to conclude and the deadline comes closer and closer? You’d like to know if your text suffices academic writing standards? Or you’re just curious to learn about the impression and understanding which others get from your text?

If you answered any of these questions affirmatively, the counselling services of the Schreibwerkstatt MINT are just right for you!

What happens (and does not happen) during the counseling?

  • We convey as much information as possible on good scientific-technical texts.
  • We give precise and systematic feedback to structural and linguistic aspects of your text.
  • We give tips on techniques and strategies which help staying self-motivated and organized throughout the writing process.
  • We enable you to review, edit, improve, and finish your text autonomously.
  • We do not offer full text correction and review (grammar and orthography, etc.)
  • We do not grade your text (this remains the task of the examiners, reviewers).

When and how can I get counselling?

The counselling services of the Schreibwerkstatt MINT are open and free of charge for all students and teachers of departments 1 to 5 of University of Bremen. In all periods of the writing process, you can address to the Schreibwerkstatt MINT with both German-language and English-language texts.  The counselling is fit for any types of text, for example bachelor or master thesis papers, dissertations, protocols and internship or project reports, term papers, applications, etc.

Contact Schreibwerkstatt MINT

Jan Naumann

Institut Technik und Bildung (ITB), Am Fallturm 1

Office: Room 2.04

Tel.: +49 421 218-66274

Open counseling (sign up via Stud.IP)

You have a small request or a very specific question, for example to a single aspect of your writing project?
Then, you can come to our open counseling on tuesdays for a 15 minutes consultation. To avoid waiting times, please sign up on Stud.IP in advance.

Individual counseling (sign up via e-mail or telephone)

You have a bigger or rather complicated request and wish for detailed or extensive advice on your writing project, or you have general writing difficulties that you deliberately wish to overcome? Please arrange an individual meeting with us so we have time to discuss your request in detail and look for an adequate solution. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment and to give us a short idea about your matter so we can offer you effective and adequate counseling.