A Network that Encircles Multiple Generations and Cultures

New: SeniorMentors

The community of our SeniorCitizens contributes to campus diversification through assisting international guest researchers of the University and their families. Our SeniorCitizen community receives support from the International Office (kompass and U Bremen Research Alliance Welcome Center) and the Academy for Continuing Education. These establish contact with students and researchers and assist SeniorCitizens with event and activity coordination.
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SeniorCitizens @ Uni Bremen

A network that encircles multiple generations and cultures 

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Since 2011, our SeniorCitizens have organized multiple trips and facilitated the celebration of cultural events. They have been there for the international researchers and offered advice and mentorship to help make their stay in Bremen more enjoyable.
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With this program the SeniorCitizens support international students in Bremen as a mentor.

For foreign students it can be tough to find their way in Bremen and the university when they begin their studies. The SeniorMentors can give them advice and be an experienced, elderly attachment figure. For students whose families live abroad this can be an enriching experience. They experience social integration and support in terms of content so they can study successfully.

The program is carried out in cooperation with kompass international.

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The SeniorCitizens are not only known within the University, but are also of interest for local newspapers and even television stations. In the following you can see some Press-articles about their successes and the awards they have won. There is even a short video about the studies for senior citizens at the Bremen University.


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Contact Persons at the University of Bremen

Julia Holz
Welcome Center/International Office
jholzprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Room SFG 0330, University of Bremen  

Dr. Jutta Paal
kompass/International Office
jutta.paalprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Room SFG 0300, University of Bremen


Jaroslaw Wasik
Academy for Continuing Education
Room B 0670, Academy of Continuing Education