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How to find me

You will find my office B 1.060 in GW 2, on the same floor as the large cafeteria. It is located on the north side of the building, between the main staircase and Tower D. Coming from the boulevard, take the entrance leading directly to the main staircase, go down one floor and turn left. Go past the large mural "Ascent and Fall" ("Aufstieg und Fall") and then turn right into the corridor. My office is located exactly between the GBT building services room and the first aid room. It is the one blue door between three green ones.

It is also possible to get from the underground car park to the 1st floor through tower D („Turm D“).
Turn right down the corridor towards the main staircase and cafeteria, my office is the second door on the right.

You can just as well walk through the inner courtyard: Walk towards the main staircase, walk around it. Then, on the other side, pass the big mural "Ascent and Fall" ("Aufstieg und Fall"). Rest see above.

During corona closure


During corona closure, all entrances to GW 2 are closed except the entrance through the "Innenhof“ (inner courtyard).

By arrangement and subject to various conditions, we can meet in the "Innenhof“ and enter the building together.

You can reach the "Innenhof" as follows: At the stop "Universität, Zentralbereich" enter the glass hall directly on the right hand side, go straight up the 11 steps (or take the elevator on the right side of the steps), instead of turning left up the steps to the boulevard, go straight on, past the postcard stands and health insurance rooms. If you continue straight on, you will automatically enter the courtyard. Meet outside in the open air, by the plants and seating, or in the covered area between the postcard stands and the courtyard.