Climate protection

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Climate protection, climate change, climate adaptation - terms that cross our paths every day. At the university, various research projects are being carried out on this topics in different departments. But the university also deals with the avoidance of CO2 emissions in its daily work routine.

Conscious environmental protection receives a great deal of attention at the University of Bremen. Starting with a catalogue of demands from students, through the founding of the Environmental Committee in 1996, which still meets at regular intervals, to the introduction of an EMAS-certified environmental management system, the University also demonstrates its efforts to act in an environmentally friendly manner in its guidelines. For example, the University has repeatedly been included in the European EMAS register. This register only lists companies that have a validated environmental management system and thus present their environmental performance to the public and make it transparent.

For the summer of 2020, the University's Climate and Environmental Management had planned a broad-based energy-saving campaign to involve all employees. As soon as the Corona situation allows, this campaign will be launched with an information package on the topic of saving energy. At the same time, information posters on various energy-saving measures will be put up all over the campus. "Press me goodbye!", "Intense airing please!" or "Just turn it down!" - these slogans are intended to encourage university members to act in an energy-conscious manner. Action days, training courses and a raffle will complement the energy-saving campaign.

University employees can actively contribute to a sustainable and mindful use of natural resources in their daily work. You will find numerous suggestions and examples on the pages of this portal.

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National Climate Protection Initiative

The Senator for Science and the four universities in the state of Bremen are committed to climate protection at the local level and want to significantly reduce emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases in the long term. All four institutions of higher education (the University, Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, and the University of the Arts) are implementing sustainability strategies that they have developed. They have created comprehensive climate protection concepts for this purpose with the support of federal funding from the Municipal Guidelines (KRL).

In 2015, the University of Bremen had an integrated energy and climate protection concept drawn up as part of the BMU's climate protection initiative. The project was funded by the BMU's National Climate Protection Initiative under the funding code 03KS5333. The climate protection concept contains a catalog of measures with a total of 30 measures that are to be implemented in the future.

For the next three years, 13 particularly important measures of the concept have been selected, the coordination of which will be taken over by the position of an environmental manager created from the funding in the climate protection area.

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