Jolina Paulssen

Research Associate

Jolina Paulssen
  • Impact of urban climate on phenology and fitness of herbaceous plant species (urban climate as surrogate for long-term climate change effects)
  • Utilization of the impervious surface area-index (ISA-index) as measure of urbanization

PhD Project

  • The central aim of this PhD project is the investigation of the patterns of occurrence of forest plant species belonging to different species groups (forest specialists, generalists) across an European scale.
  • This comprises an identification of environmental variables and causes of major significance and an evaluation of the importance of regional (forest age, landscape, habitat connectivity) and local (nutrient availability in the soil, soil moisture, light availability) factors.
Working Group Vegetation Ecology & Conservation Biology

Department 2 (Biology/Chemistry)
University Bremen
James-Watt-Straße 1
Building BIOM
D-28359 Bremen

Telephone: +49421 218-62915