Associated Partners

Jan van den Akker (Expert in Design-Based Research - international) is Director General at the National Expertise Centre for Curriculum Development and Professor Emeritus of Curriculum Studies at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He has many years of international experience in the field of monitoring and development of research projects, looking at the changes in educational contexts. He has contributed to the FaBiT group through his regular attendance at the symposia, and in October 2013, held a plenary lecture at the FaBiT group in Bremen. He also created a workshop on Design-Based Research Methodology at the international symposium in July 2015.

Arthur Bakker (Expert in Design-Based Research) is associated Professor at the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (FIsme) of University Utrecht and fellow at University Bremen. He supports the group in supervising the young researchers and in publishing results in design research.

Andreas Breiter (Expert in the Dual Doctorate Programme) is Professor of Information and Knowledge Management in Education at the University of Bremen and academic director of the Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH (ifib). He supports the FaBiT group in designing of the Dual Doctorate Programme.

Helmut Fend (Expert in educational theory) is Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology at the University of Zurich. His research areas include education systems and school development (of international repute) from synchronic and diachronic perspectives. Some of his publications have now become standard works within educational science; the consideration of the intersection between educational science and subject didactics repeatedly plays an important role. He has assisted the FaBiT research group and their research approach, as a "critical friend".

Bettina Rösken-Winter (Expert in Design-Based Research - national) is a professor at the Humboldt University (HU) in Berlin where she holds the first nationwide professorship in the field of Design-Based Research. She is also part of the management team of the German Centre for Teacher Training in Mathematics (DZLM). Together with representatives from the Professional School of Education (in Berlin), she participated in the FaBiT Group’s symposium in October 2013 and contributed to a workshop for PhD students on Design-Based Research Approaches at the international symposium in July 2015.