1st Virtual Meeting of the UniBremen Alumni Network in Brazil

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On Monday, 01.06, 16-17hs the 1st Virtual Meeting of the UniBremen Alumni Network in Brazil took place. During this meeting 11 participants from different areas of knowledge and regions in Brazil exchanged interesting ideas and experience. 

It was very interesting to hear everyone's presentation, understand their academic and professional connection with Bremen and Uni Bremen. In the end, we were also able to briefly discuss initiatives to grow the UniBremen Alumni in Brazil, creating the largest Uni Bremen Alumni network outside Germany. We argued that this growth will take place organically, through one-to-one contact. Everyone will try to get in touch with people who were at Uni Bremen during some period of their academic lives. We were also able to discuss individual and collective opportunities to maintain our connection with Bremen, in the form of projects, internships, exchanges. BRAGECRIM, Rebralint, DAAD, DFG, Humboldt were mentioned. 

As future activities, the group decided to schedule a new meeting (01.07 at 16-17hs is a good tentative date). We will use Google Meet for the virtual meeting. 

Prof. Enzo Morosini Frazzon
Research Ambassador of the University of Bremen in Brazil