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The board of directors

In office since November 15, 2018: The volunteer board of directors of the University of Bremen alumni network consists of nine people. They are all alumni of the University of Bremen and have assumed responsibility for community bremen for the next four years on behalf of the university and members.

Der Vorstand der Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V.
Portrait vom Vorstandsvorsitzenden Dr. Tim Nesemann

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Tim Nesemann

Mathematics alumnus, Chairman of the Board of the Sparkasse Bremen

Portrait von Vorstandsmitglied Ute Treptow

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Ute Treptow

Alumna of Law, retired, voluntary patient's represantative of the Joint National Committee, Bremen

Portrait von Fabio Nicoletti

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Fabio Nicoletti

Alumnus of philosophy and professional public decison making, Projectmanager for Environment, Climate and Water BORDA e.V., Bremen

Portrait von Vorstandsmitglied Reinhard Ahlers


Dr. Ing. Reinhard Ahlers

Electrical Engineering and Production Technology alumnus, managing partner of BALance Technology Consulting GmbH, Bremen

Portrait von Vorstandsmitglied Katerina Vatsella


Dr. Katerina Vatsella

Fine Arts alumna, Office for Art Projects, Bremen

Portrait von Vorstandsmitglied Renate Heitmann


Renate Heitmann

Alumna of cultural sciences/anglistics, theater management of the shakespear company, Bremen

Portrait von Bernd Hesse


Bernd Hesse

Economics alumnus, entrepreneur in the financial and real estate sectors, Bremen

Portrait von Vorstandsmitglied Andreas Kottisch


Andreas Kottisch

Economics alumnus, Managing Director of BBN Bremen Business Net GmbH, ePhilos AG, Bremen

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