Freshmen today. Tomorrow alumni.

Alumni - already as student?

We think: absolutely!

As a student, you can already take advantage of the Alumni Association's large network of well over 4,000 members. Alumni of the University of Bremen are teachers, self-employed and some are already retired. Or they bear responsibility in large companies and important social institutions. Not only in Germany, but worldwide. Alumni are also familiar with the experience of failure, but also know how to overcome crises. We would like to share this wealth of experience with you and accompany you on your way through your studies and into your career.

Why? Because we all owe a lot to the University of Bremen, which is one of the best universities in Germany, and would like to give something back in this way.

Alumni Summerfête
Gruppe Menschen schaut sich Archivalien an
Alumni in the archive
Alumni in der Ständigen Vertretung
Get-Together in the Ständigen Vertretung
Alumni im Plenarsaal
Alumni visit the Bremen Parliament
Alumni at DFKI
2 Frauen im Café
Alumni Summerfête

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