Dr Tim Nesemann

Portrait vom Vorstandsvorsitzenden Dr. Tim Nesemann

Our alumni board, personally speaking

Dr Tim Nesemann studied mathematics at the University of Bremen from 1991 to 1995 and earned his doctorate in mathematics there in 1999. He has been chairman of the board of Sparkasse Bremen since 2009.

Volunteering…that’s all well and good, but it also means work. Why do you serve on the board of the alumni association?

I owe a lot to the University of Bremen. So I’d like to give something back to the university by being part of the alumni association’s board. Fostering networks among alumni and with the university brings benefits for everyone involved.

What was an alumni experience where you thought: “Wow, what a great association!”?

For me it wasn't the one experience, but rather the many interesting people I’ve gotten to know over the years through events organised by the alumni association.

When have you thought: "We could do better”?

That goes for all the times when we eagerly developed our ideas for events or networking formats, and they ended up being not well received. For example, I remember the daft idea of hosting a “tea dance”…

Uni Bremen alumni in ten years: What will be different from today?

It's hard to say, given the exponential changes in all areas of our lives, from the environment to technology to society. But I’m convinced that personal contacts and exchange opportunities will be a growing need in our digitalised world of tomorrow.

About your time studying/working at Uni Bremen, what makes you say: “I wouldn’t miss that for anything!”?

For me, it's the memories of student life in general, I wouldn’t want to have missed out on that. Especially the memories around the common rooms and meeting spots between lectures: the cafeteria in the MZH, the cafe in the GW2, the university library, the bookstore, the copy shop, the Mensa.

When you’re not busy with alumni and the University of Bremen, what else is important to you in life?

First, there is my family, my friends and my very challenging, fulfilling and meaningful job on Sparkasse Bremen’s board of directors. Then if there’s any spare time, I enjoy doing sports (swimming), I like to read (most recently “Celsius") and I like to tinker with electronics and computers.