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ASA student grant | Fisheries and Aquaculture in Germany and Peru

The artec Sustainability Research Center cordially invites interested students to apply for an ASA student grant

ASA student grant “Fisheries and Aquaculture in Germany and Peru: Sustainability Perspectives”:

  • The grant is open to students from the Anthropology/Ethnology, Geography and Environmental Science study programmes.
  • Language skills in English and Spanish are required.
  • Application deadline: 20 January 2023
  • Period/location: approx. April to July (Germany), approx. mid-July to mid-December 2023 (Peru)

For more information and to apply, please click here.

In this project in the format ASA-Hochschule global, two participants from Peru and two participants from Germany form a joint project team. The project focuses on fisheries and aquaculture in Germany and Peru, including their global interconnections.

Programme: ASA seminars, own research, including conducting interviews with actors from the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Cooperation with existing research projects in Bremen and Lima. It is possible to combine the research with final theses (Master).

The participants will be accompanied and supervised on the German side in Bremen by Dr. Martina Grimmig (Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research [IFEK], BA Cultural Studies, Master Transcultural Studies) and Prof. Dr. Michael Flitner (artec Sustainability Research Center, BA Geography, MA Urban and Regional Development).

We look forward to receiving your application via the link above!

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