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The Peninsula of the Blessed – Is Dangast Still a Place for Artists?

18.09.2022, 11:30 | Talk by Dr. Werner Krauß in Dangast

The unique atmosphere of Dangast - what makes it special, and why is it endangered? In recent years, ethnologist Dr. Werner Krauß has observed climate change and changes in human interaction in Dangast. Now he shares his view on the place.

As a seaside resort with a special flair, Dangast is a fixed destination for many travelers. What makes this small seaside resort so attractive that it has always attracted artists? Ethnologist Werner Krauß of the University of Bremen has spent the last few years researching climate change on the Jade Bay and thereby developed an appreciation for Dangast. There he has studied not only the sky, the light and the tides, but also the social climate. One starting point was the painting "The Peninsula of the Blessed" by Dangast painter Franz Radziwill.  Why did Radziwill call the place that way, and why did the NWZ once call Dangast a divided village? What does this have to do with tourism and the real estate market, and what does the local citizens' initiative have to say about it? Is Dangast still an artists' village at all? In his lecture, Krauß argues that not only the meteorological climate, but also the social climate is at risk and both need our careful attention.

Dr. Werner Krauß is an ethnologist at the Sustainability Research Center of the University of Bremen, and previously worked at the Institute for Coastal Research of Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, the University of Texas and the University of Hamburg. He has studied how people shape their environment in Switzerland, Portugal, North Frisia and the Jade Bay, with a particular focus on conflicts over nature conservation, energy transition and climate change. In each of these researches, there was a place to which he lost a piece of his heart - most recently in Dangast.

Date: Sunday, September 18th, 2022, 11.30 a.m.
Place: Franz Radziwill Haus
Entrance fee: 10 Euro incl. exhibition visit | Pupils/Students 8 Euro

The event will take place in the upper studio of the Künstlerhaus. Due to limited space, we ask for advance reservation by phone 04451/2777 during the opening hours of the Künstlerhaus.

Vortrag Dr. Krauß in Dangast