Media Practices and Sustainability

Medienpraktiken und Nachhaltigkeit

Project coordinator
Dr. Sigrid Kannengießer

Central Research Development Funding, University of Bremen

How do people appropriate me­dia in order to contribute to sustainability? The postdoc project (Habilitation) by Sigrid Kannen­gießer investigates this research questi­on in three different case studies, which are analysed comparatively: First, the repairing of media technologies in Re­pair Cafés is examined, secondly, the production and appropriation of fair media technologies is analysed using the example of Fairphone, a smartpho­ne, which should be produced under fair and sustainable conditions, and thirdly, websites which advertise for sustainability are researched using the example of the website

These cases are examples of consump­tion-critical media practices (Kannen­gießer 2016): “Consumption-critical media practices are those practices which either use media to criticize (cer­tain) consumption or which are (cons­cious) alternatives to the consumption of media technologies such as repai­ring or exchanging media technologies or producing durable media devices.” (Kannengießer 2016, 198)

Prolonging the life-span of media technologies to contribute to a sustain­able society is one of the aims people follow when repairing their media de­vices in Repair Cafés or producing and appropriating fair and sustainable me­dia technologies. The third case study shows that people also use media cont­ent to reach for sustainability.

The project analysis consump­tion-critical media practices from a critical perspective and also takes am­bivalences within these practices into account. Nevertheless, the practices analysed are attempts to contribute to a sustainable society using media.

Kannengießer, Sigrid (2016): Conceptualizing consumption-critical media practices as political participation. In: Leif Kramp/Nico Carpentier/Andreas Hepp/Richard Kilborn/ Risto Kunelius/Hannu Nieminen/Tobias Olsson/Simone Tosoni/Ilija Tomanic Tri­vundža/Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt (Hrsg.): Politics, Civil Society and Participation. Tar­tu: Tartu University Press, S. 193-207.

Project coordinator

Sigrid Kannengießer


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