Principal investigators

Photo of Lucio Colombi Chiacchi

Prof. Dr. Lucio Colombi Ciacchi

Hybrid Materials and Interfaces research group

Expertise: materials modelling, molecular dynamics, heterogeneous interfaces, atomic force microscopy, X-ray microscopy

Photo of Michael Fischer

Dr. Michael Fischer

Crystalline Microporous Materials junior research group

Expertise: zeolites and zeolite-like materials, host-guest interactions in porous materials, adsorption simulations, crystal chemistry, structure and dynamics of minerals and inorganic materials

Photo of Christopher Gies

Dr. Christopher Gies

Quantum Optics of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Applications in Quantum Information Technologies junior research group

Expertise: quantum information technologies, quantum machine learning, nanolasers, semiconductor nanostructures, transition metal dichalcogenides

Photo of Frank Jahnke

Prof. Dr. Frank Jahnke

Semiconductor Theory research group

Expertise: many-body and nonequilibrium dynamics of excited carriers in semiconductor nanostructures, atomistic modeling of electronic and optical properties, quantum optics in semiconductors, microscopic laser theory

Photo of Susan Köppen

Dr. Susan Köppen

Biomolecular Modelling and Simulation junior research group

Expertise: protein biochemistry, molecular dynamics, fibrillization, biomolecular interactions

Photo of Tim Neudecker

Prof. Dr. Tim Neudecker

Theoretical Chemistry research group

Expertise: quantum chemistry, density functional theory, mechanochemistry, high-pressure chemistry

Photo of Vasily Ploshikhin

Prof. Dr. Vasily Ploshikhin

Computational Additive Manufacturing research group

Expertise: additive manufacturing, materials science, thermo-mechanical materials and process simulation, microstructure simulation, numerical methods (finite differences, finite elements, cellular automata)

Picture of Michael Sentef

Prof. Dr. Michael Sentef

Light-Matter Controf of Quantum Materials research group

Expertise: Non-equilibrium physics, Green's functions, simulation of time-resolved spectroscopy, quantum materials at the interface to quantum optics, quantum optics

Excellence Chair

Picture of Nicola Marzari

Prof. Dr. Nicola Marzari

Excellence Chair of the University of Bremen


Photo of Thomas Frauenheim

Prof. em. Dr. Thomas Frauenheim

Expertise: electronic structure, density functional theory, molecular dynamics, real-time charge and energy dynamics