Electron Dynamics in a Two-Dimensional Nanobubble: A Two-Level System Based on Spatial Density

Roberto Rosati, Frank Lengers, Christian Carmesin, Matthias Florian, Tilmann Kuhn, Frank Jahnke, Michael Lorke, and Doris E. Reiter

Nano Lett. 21, 9896–9902 (2021)

Nanobubbles formed in monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) on top of a substrate feature localized potentials in which electrons can be captured. We show that the captured electronic density can exhibit a nontrivial spatiotemporal dynamics, whose movements can be mapped to states in a two-level system illustrated as points of an electronic Poincaré sphere. These states can be fully controlled, i.e, initialized and switched, by multiple electronic wave packets. Our results could be the foundation for novel implementations of quantum circuits.

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