About us

Bremen Research Centre for Energy Systems "Energy for Economy and Society

The Bremen Research Centre for Energy Systems (BEST) is an association of professors of the University of Bremen in the broad field of energy systems. The aim is to create a scientific focus under the motto "Energy for Economy and Society" by combining internal expertise and intensifying cooperation with industry, universities and research institutions in Bremen, the State of Bremen and the region. In particular, a strong interdisciplinary cooperation between technical/mathematical/natural science, economic, sociological and legal disciplines is aimed for. The energy system transformation is understood by all members as the transformation of a socio-technical system. The association is particularly committed to research transfer, which results from an intensive interaction of basic and applied research at the University of Bremen with the regional and supra-regional needs of society, industry and business. The aim is to develop answers to the complex interlinking of sustainability, supply security and competitiveness of energy systems.

Contact Person

Dr. Tobias Wendler

NW 1 Building, Room FWBI
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66635

Prof. Dr. Johanna Myrzik

NW 1 Building, Room M 1070
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-62442