Research Group Members

Foto Professor Doktor Kerstin Knopf

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf

Kerstin Knopf is full professor for North American and Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen in Germany and director of the Institute for Postcolonial and Transcultural Studies (INPUTS) and the Bremen Institute for Canada and Quebec Studies (BICQS). She hails from Northern East Germany, growing up in a fishing and coastal culture, and spending much time on the water sailing and paddling her SUB. Her main research interests are Blue Humanities, North American sea novels, postcolonial and Indigenous marine literatures, German colonialism in the Pacific, Indigenous and postcolonial film and literature focusing on North America and the Pacific region, epistemological power relations and postcolonial knowledge systems, and American and Canadian romantic literature.

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Secretary: Susanne Mindermann
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Foto Doktor Paula von Gleich

Dr. phil. phil. Paula von Gleich

Paula von Gleich is a postdoctoral lecturer with senior track at the department of Linguistics and Literary Studies, University of Bremen, Germany. She is the executive director of the Bremen Institute of Canada and Québec Studies and teaches and researches on English-Speaking cultures with a focus on North America, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic. She was born and raised in Walle, the district neighboring the old docklands of the Hanseatic city of Bremen and continues to spend much of her free time on the shores of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Her first monograph The Black Border and Fugitive Narration in Black American Literature (open access by De Gruyter 2022) analyzes concepts of fugitivity and captivity in Black North American and Black Atlantic narratives and Afro-pessimist and Black feminist theory.

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Prof. Dr. Norbert Schaffeld

Norbert Schaffeld was born in Rees on the Rhine, Germany. He took his A-levels at the long-standing Municipal Grammar School of Emmerich. He then studied English and North American Literature, History, Philosophy, and Pedagogy at the Universities of Wuppertal and Exeter. It was also at the University of Wuppertal that he did his state examinations, completed his PhD thesis as well as his postdoctoral thesis. Norbert Schaffeld holds the chair of English Literature and Culture at the University of Bremen. He previously taught at the universities of Wuppertal, Essen, Leipzig, and Jena. He also conducted research at Australian and Canadian universities, including: The University of Sydney, The University of Toronto, and The University of Guelph. His main fields of research are coastal cultures, the science novel, math movies, TV serials about physicists, Shakespeare adaptations, and film studies.

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Secretary: Susanne Mindermann

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Dr. phil.Mohammed Muharamm

Mohammed Muharram is an Assistant Professor of English Literature at Thamar University in Yemen. In 2021, Muharram was awarded the prestigious Philipp Schwartz Initiative Fellowship sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany to work as a postdoctoral researcher in the area of English-Speaking Cultures at the University of Bremen where he is currently based. He was recently awarded a two-year scholarship by the Funding Initiative for Threatened Scholars and Refugees of the Gerda Henkel Foundation. Hailing from the postcolonial maritime Yemen, Muharram’s main interests include postcolonial Blue Humanities with specific reference to Arabic literature and culture. Issues of water scarcity, economic inequality, and climate change in the Arab world and how these issues are represented in literature and culture is of prime interest to him. He is co-editing TheBloomsbury Handbook to the Blue Humanities with Steve Mentz, Serpil Oppermann, and Sandra Young.

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