Bachelor Biology

  • Darwin in old age before death


    In "Evo" (Öko1), Bachelor students discuss - sometimes controversially - established and new concepts of evolutionary biology and they are able to explain the processual nature of biological research and learn to argue scientifically.

  • Literature on evolutionary ecology

    Evolutionary Ecology

    In Evolutionary Ecology (PM1), students combine scientific writing techniques with intensive literature review on self-selected topics at the interface between ecology and evolution.

  • Spider killing Bee

    Basic Practical Course in Ecology

    In the Basic Practical Course in Ecology (Öko2), Bachelor students conduct laboratory and field experiments on population growth, species interactions and biodiversity, which are analysed using statistical methods. Field excursions complement the practical course.

  • Students in the advanced practical course ecology

    Advanced Practical Ecology

    In the Advanced Practical Course in Ecology (PM3), Bachelor students develop their own research questions and test them in experiments. Advanced statistical methods and different presentation techniques are trained.

Master Ecology