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YUFE Meets Diversity @ Uni Bremen

The University of Bremen‘s Diversity Team and YUFE are planning two online seminars in December 2021 that will focus on the following diversity-related topics:

1. The Intersections of Racism and Ableism
Date: 9.12.21
Time: 10:00h-14:00h
Speaker: Judy Gummich

2. Antiracism at Colleges and Universities
Date: 12/16-21
Time- 10:00h-14:00h
Speaker: Mechtild Scott

The working language of the upcoming workshops will be German. As the number of participants will be limited, we kindly ask that you register by 03.12.2021.
For questions and to register for the workshops, please send an email to:

Children and Corona

In times of the corona pandemic, it is particularly difficult to reconcile family life and work or study. Here you can find various counseling and support services covering different areas (such as financial support, childcare, school, and crisis support).


Digital Accessibility in Teaching & Learning

In general, providing digital teaching is – not just in times during the corona pandemic – a valuable format for diverse, inclusive teaching. Particularly students with special needs can benefit from digital teaching. However, it also poses certain challenges for this target group, which is why we ask you, as teaching staff, to ensure the accessibility of digital teaching, even in this particular situation, despite the high level of stress that you all might be experiencing now. In the following, we are particularly concerned with accessibility for students with hearing or visual impairments, but also, for example, for students with limited mobility (especially with regards to taking notes), impairments due to ADHD, dyslexia, mental illness, or impairments due to medication. 


News & Statements

A joint statement on sexism in science by academics from different universities: gender.macht.wissenschaft (in German only).

Statement by the Council for Migration on the Discrediting of Research and Researchers Critical of Racism (in German only).

"Prejudices against many groups of people in science are not taken seriously" - Largest-ever survey exposes career obstacles for LGBTQ scientists

In its statement on the events in Hanau, the German Council on Migration calls for racism to be finally called by its name (in German only).

If you would like to receive information about diversity-related services and events at the University of Bremen and be added to our internal email list, please send a short email to diversityprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.



If you encounter barriers, discriminatory content, or ambiguities while reading our pages, we welcome you to send an email to