Diversity as Study Content and Student Engagement

Diversity and inclusion are also reflected in our curriculum. The content of many degree courses regularly touches on diversity-related topics and also shapes student life. Various student initiatives are committed to individual aspects of diversity in order to raise awareness and make studying more accessible. Students play a key role in shaping the development of a diversity-friendly organizational culture.


Student Engagement

In addition to the student self-administration (AStA), a number of other university groups and networks with a diversity focus are active at the University of Bremen.

Your network is missing? Then we look forward to a message to diversityprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.

General Studies

Im Bereich der fachergänzenden Studien (General Studies) sind offene Lehrveranstaltungen aus den Fachbereichen, Angebote zum Erwerb von Schlüsselkompetenzen sowie zum Thema Studium und Beruf zu finden. Eine aktuelle Übersicht bietet das Handbuch Fachergänzende Studien.

The academic field of General Studies covers elective courses from different faculties, cross-disciplinary key competence training, and academic career development. The General Studies Handbook provides a comprehensive overview.

If you encounter barriers, discriminatory content, or ambiguities while reading our pages, we welcome you to send an email to diversity@uni-bremen.de.