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High-profile Areas

The University’s high-profile area „Health Sciences“ in the main currently comprises the Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research (IPP), the SOCIUM - Research Center (formerly the Center for Social Policy, ZES) and the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology (BIPS).

Increasingly perceiving its current and future activities more as a research platform cutting across the various faculties of the University of Bremen and capable of integrating other institutes and research units, the high-profile area Epidemiology and Health Sciences recently changed its name to “Health Sciences”.

Taking due consideration of governance and support parameters, Faculty 11 plays an active role in enhancing the high-profile area as a research hub for health sciences in Bremen and the surrounding region.

Click here to go to the homepage of the University’s high-profile area “Health Sciences”.

Minds, Media, Machines is an interdisciplinary network of researchers at University Bremen and collaborations with other internal and external institutions in Germany. Researchers in these institutions work closely together to enhance our understanding of intelligence, cognition in autonomous agents and teams of agents in the context of mediatized worlds. The insights are then transferred into a new generation of social, computer-based, and cyber-physical systems that make a substantial contribution to the welfare of our society, for example via embodied intelligent systems that are tailored to the users' needs, co-age and support them over their entire lives while keeping the users in full control of their personal data.

Towards this aim, scientists in this High-Profile Area investigate human and machine knowledge representation, natural, formal and technical information processing, as well as secure transmission of information and computer-mediated communication. The High-Profile Area is thus based on three pillars: Minds, Media and Machines

Click here for the website of the high prifile area "Minds, Media, Machines".

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