Quality Management

The Quality Management Board in FB 11 (KomQ)

The Quality Management Board in FB 11 (KomQ)

The joint central body responsible for matters concerning quality in FB 11 – both subject-specific as well as cross-departmental – is the Quality Management Board in FB 11 (KomQ). The QM Board, which was set up by the Faculty Council in 2009, meets on a regular basis throughout the semester with the participation of all study programs and status groups.

Objectives pursued by KomQ

KomQ supports FB 11 in the building of Faculty-wide system of quality management. It conceptualizes suitable measures of quality assurance for the study programs and monitors their implementation and application. 

Themes addressed by KomQ

The QM Board addresses the various different aspects of quality assurance related to studies and education. Typical subjects are, for instance, initiation of the semester summit meeting /round table, compilation of an information sheet for adjunct lecturers and newly appointed members of the teaching faculty and measures to project the external image of study programs, composition of a code of ethics for student research work, matters surrounding the award of CP in the area of General Studies as well as measures to evaluate the quality of teaching, and in particular any pressing matters that impact on students.

Beside the abovementioned topics, in 2015 and 2016 the KomQ compiled the “Guidelines for Quality Management in Studies and Education in Faculty 11” (see column on the right), which were adopted by the Faculty Council on 11.05.2016.

It also regularly compiles reports on meetings of the University’s Deans, implementation of the ForstA project in FB 11, and evaluation measures implemented by the Studienzentrum.

Members of KomQ

For the current list see the German page

KomQ welcomes everyone wishing to participate! On the right you will find details of the next meeting.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Britta Schowe

Grazer Straße 2, Raum 0170

28359 Bremen

Telefon: +49-421-218-68506

Nadine Ochmann

Henning Schmidt-Semisch

Date of next meeting of KomQ:

See the German page


Internal area

All users with a ZfN account are able to access minutes of meetings of KomQ and evaluations of questionnaires carried out in FB 11. To do so, simply log in to the University of Bremen’s intranet on the top bar menu item “Intern”. Then re-open the FB11 pages; under Quality Management you will then find the listings folder of KomQ and results of evaluations.