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The School  of Cinema is a place for film mediation. On offer are paedagogical workshops and academic seminars which are accompanied by film screenings at the cinema. Partners of the cooperation are Department 9, University of Bremen / Workgroup Film and Media Aesthetics as well as the Communal Cinema / CITY 46. Shows are open to anyone interested, either on a continuous basis or for singular programmes.

School of Vision

The seminar focusses on fundamental aspects of filmaesthetics. Referencing film stills and excerpts from film history the seminar tries to uncover what film and what cinema is.


The label film:art covers programmes of  "artistic" films, mainly experimental works, avant-garde films and forms of media art. see all film:art-Events

Film Programmes

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Me, too!

20:00h film:art 88 at CITY 46, Bremen

Apart from referencing the last film title in the programme the headline »me, too!« suggests that the selected films share a feminist perspective with Birgit Jürgenssen as presented in the exhibition titled »I am». The central positioning of the body as a reference point of a specific female experience and the striving for emancipation are the main connecting features within the works of avantgarde artists of several generations, all linked by a  kindred spirit.

02.09.2020, 20:00 h at CITY 46 curated and introduced by Christine Rüffert | Universität Bremen, in accompanying the exhibtion »Birgit Jürgenssen. Ich bin.« at Museum Weserburg, Bremen,

the films:

| Mara Mattuschka | NabelFabel | A 1984 | 4:00 | 16mm
| Maria Lassnig | Selfportrait | A 1971 | 5:00 | 16mm
| Valie Export | Hyperbulie | A 1973 | 7:00
| Katrina Daschner | Pferdebusen | A 2017 | 9:00
| Nina Yuen| Evelyn | 2019 | 6:11
| Martha Rosler | Semiotics of the Kitchen | USA 1975 | 5:30
| Eva Heldmann| Johnny oder das rohe Fleisch | BRD 1984 | 4:00
| Lydia Schouten | Echoes of Death -Forever Young | NL 1986 | 14:30
| Friedl vom Gröller | Ich auch, auch, ich auch | A 2012 | 2:00 | 16mm

Katrina Daschner: Pferdebusen