MP 1


Under the new umbrella of “Uni-Start”, the first package of measures focuses on facilitating the transition to university studies. Here, students, each with their own individual levels of knowledge and previous experience, are made familiar with university learning formats and subject cultures. The successful measures of the “September Academy” will continue to have a place in Package 1. In ForstAintegriert, the funding formats of “Uni-Start” are designed to shape the overall concepts of getting off to a good start (from deciding on the place of study to the completion of the first semester) in a way that enables students to develop an interest in research at an early stage. The offers include accompaniment by tutors and mentors. It is important for the success of the program to provide transparent information about the offers in the context of “Uni-Start”. In order to achieve this, a “Uni-Start Portal” is to be developed as a university-wide orientation portal containing information on all central and decentralized offers.


MP 1 coordination

Monika Sowinska

Dezernat Studentische Angelegenheiten

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