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In our lecture series “Bremen Conversations on Global Solidarity”, researchers from different disciplines and from all over the world present and discuss latest theoretical approaches to and empirical findings on global solidarity. The lecture series takes place online and on-site at the same time, as we always have a live stream of the talk at the University of Bremen. The lecture series is held four times a year.


"Countries have been opting for influence in the “Global South” to build legitimacy for their positions and actions. Yet, little is known on how citizens see these actors’ different types of engagements with their host countries. We are drawing on an original survey dataset from South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria (N=8000) and present novel findings of this larger project." Two of our researchers, Prof. Wiebke Rabe and Prof. Klaus Schlichte, are participating in this panel discussion organized by the Berlin Contemporary China Network.

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The cluster team has invited scholars from around the world to Bremen to receive feedback on the Cluster proposal from a wide variety of academic and regional perspectives. The aim of this international workshop is to discuss and clarify the main concepts, the delineation of possible research approaches, the development of an empirical strategy for data collection, processing, and dissemination, as well as the framing of possible research projects.

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The first International Congress on Political Theory will take place at the University of Bremen from 27th to 29th September 2023. In 41 panels and two keynote speeches, we will discuss political theory in times of uncertainty.

Congress Venue: ATLANTIC Hotel Universum, Wiener Straße 4, 28359 Bremen