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    Our Fields of Research

    are Antennas, RF Frontend Concepts and RF Interconnect Technilogies for different applications.

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    For Students

    we offer lectures, exercises, projects and labs for different study programs.

About us

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Schneider the research focus of the RF & Microwave Engineering Laboratory is on antennas, waveguides, RF frontend concepts and RF interconnect technologies. For students we offer lectures, exercises, projects and lab experiments in the field of electrodynamics, transmission line theory, RF Frontends and antennas for different study programs.

The RF & Microwave Engineering Laboratory belongs to the Institute for Telecommunications and High-Frequency Techniques (ITH) of the University of Bremen. Our laboratory is a member of the Center of Computing Science and Information Technology (TZI), a collaboration of institutes of the University of Bremen focusing on research and development of future computing and communication technologies. We are participating in the concerted activity "Adaptive Communications”.