HiPE-LAB: Test laboratory for multimodal lifetime tests on power electronics up to 10 MVA

Overview of the laboratory.
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View of the open climate room.
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Information on the laboratory

Whether in wind energy or photovoltaic systems, in HVDC systems or in electric traction - the power electronics always have to endure both the electrical loads and possible harsh environmental conditions. The combination of environmental stresses and electrical operational stresses, which the power electronics are exposed to, is decisive for the lifetime of the systems. Predicting the effect of these multimodal loads already during the development phase is therefore of great importance for avoiding field failures and thus for the long-term success of the product.

The laboratory for high power electronics HiPE-LAB at the IALB of the University of Bremen offers the unique opportunity to expose entire frequency converters with outputs of up to 10 MVA to electrical and climatic loads in almost any combination and to carry out tests to predict important lifetime issues. In the field of wind energy, we - the IALB - work closely with the Fraunhofer IWES.

With a temperature range of -40 °C to +120 °C and relative humidity between 10 % and 95 % in the temperature range of +10 °C to +95 °C, the climatic conditions of all climate zones can be largely simulated in the HiPE-LAB. Dynamic, reproducible electrical load profiles enable accelerated aging under the appropriate climatic conditions.

In addition to examining frequency converters as a whole, the targeted examination of individual components such as the power semiconductors (for example IGBTs), the driver circuits or the DC link capacitors is also possible in separate climate chambers. Systems can thus be examined with regard to the following questions: How does the converter system behaves? when starting up after it has been standing for a long time and has absorbed moisture in the process? Does condensation occur? How quickly can a plant be dried out by its own losses? Which are the particularly critical components or areas in the converter cabinet? The focus of the HiPE-LAB is on the prediction of these and other questions already in the development phase of converter systems. They can be investigated experimentally on the basis of field experience and individual component tests on complete converters.

The HiPE-LAB enables individual tests tailored to your product. Even during the development phase of new components, tests can be carried out on prototypes as a whole or on individual components.

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