Autonomous plant tissue culture

AUTOPTC project will develop and implement a functional prototype of a novel autonomous system for sterile in vitro production of different plants, which will be a combination of robotics supported by artificial intelligence (AI) software and laser cuttings. The developed system will be evaluated and validated in two relevant real-world scenarios, soft fruits and potato masspropagation. This will support a fast commercialization of the system in one year after the project.

In the AUTOPTC project, IAT will be leader of the research and development of vision-based 3D-plant reconstruction module and will support project coordinator in the research and development of AI-based software for plant cutting area calculation for arbitrary plant orientation

This project has received funding under the Eurostars Programme (Co-funded by EUREKA member countries and the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme)

IAT Stereo Vision‐based 3D plant reconstruction:

Our research goal is to investigate and optimize different state‐of‐the art algorithms for disparity maps
generation and to integrate them into a novel 3D plant reconstruction model illustrated below: 

We are developing novel methods for evaluation of created 3D plant models by comparison to
ground truth models.