Technology for the Efficient Reproduction of Plants

GreenAI is a joint research project of the Institute of Automation and the Bock Bio Science GmbH. Its objective is the planning, design, and development of a system for the automated vegetative reproduction of plants. The novel system is supposed to act very fast without surrendering much reliability and precision. Ultimately, the system is intended to fully replace the manual and climate-damaging processes in the vegetative plant reproduction. As opposed, the plant parts are nowadays exported to developing countries, just to be processed by hand by cheap labor and to be then reimported into the developed country.

For these purposes, the future GreenAI system has access to modern technical devices. Available equipment include high-resolution as well as fast-shooting cameras, high-performance computers, flexible parallel robots, and a laser cutter. The combination of multiple cameras and architecturally strong computers enables the utilization of a range of 2D and 3D machine vision concepts for determining appropriate grasp and cut commands which are sent to robots or laser for execution.

While the Bock Bio Science GmbH contributes botanical expertise and practical experience among other things to the project, the IAT bears the predominant responsibility for devising ways to accomplishing the machine vision tasks.
GreenAI is financially promoted within the PFAU-Programm zur Förderung anwendungsnaher Umwelttechnologien framework under the promotion tag VE0118B of the Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH by the European Union.

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