Dr. Thekla Keuck is a Lecturer for Public History in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in the Department of History. She sees herself as a communicator, multiplier and advocate of a close connection between applied and research-oriented in-person and digital teaching. She is currently working on conceptions and methodological approaches to Applied History/Public History and memory cultures in companies. Important stations in her career have been New York, Jerusalem, Vienna, Cracow, Göttingen, Berlin, Heidelberg, Paris – and repeatedly Cologne.
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Anna Leinen is a student assistant in the field of Public History at the University of Bremen, mainly managing public relations and social media efforts. She is studying for a Master’s degree in History with a focus on Public History and is particularly interested in women in history: from Salonnières during the French Revolution to cookbook authors during the First World War. Having studied and worked as an intern in Japan and France, she sees her future career in the presentation, exhibition, and performance of history to the general public.

Hagen Mondwurf supports the Public History Bremen as a student assistant in the development of audiovisual content formats. He is studying for a master's degree in history with a focus on Public History and is particularly interested in topics from the field of recent and latest U.S. history. After gaining practical experience in TV and film production, he sees his future career in media-based mediation of history for a broad public.